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A reflection of Mission Trip from Japan by Indica(英語版)

Our Swedish sister Indica gave me the following text so I will post it.(日本語はこちら



I hope your trip back to Japan was good.

Here is my blog, my reflection from your Mission trip in Eksjö. I don't know if you think it's to long.

When I stood at Eksjö Station, on that Saturday (August 18), and saw the train reaching the platform, the train that had 10 of my Japanese friends with me, I felt joy, gratitude, great expectation, but also a little concern. Imagine if something would happen, think if my Swedish friends turned out to be shy and not dare to talk to my Japanese friends, many thoughts were in me.

However, I had done the most important of all. I had prayed several prayers to God for his protection, that we would have wonderful days and more and I know that many of my friends had prayed for those days ahead.

It did not take long before I realized that my concern about the shyness of the Swedes was completely unnecessary. Throughout the stay, the Japanese friends and my Swedish friends took their own initiative to talk to each other and everywhere you heard different conversations and lots of laughter. It was really so fun to see and hear this.

We were blessed these days. We had a good worship service where we heard Pastor Kawaguchi preached about Matthew 7: 7-12 where he urged us to pray continually and we heard Yutas and Taisei's amazing testimony. We also got praise God in Swedish, English and Japanese.

We went on a winding, rocky and steep trail. I, Indika, managed to lead some errors, but thank God, my mobile was working right there right there, in the middle of the woods. I really could see God's care. We found right and no one fell and hit. Believe me, there was really a big risk to it.

Our Japanese friends also saw our church's social work. A preschool with Christian profile, which I, Indika, has worked on (2015-2016) and a second hand deal.

We, Swedes, joined Yuta's tea ceremony, we saw how Yu wrote amazing Kanji and we saw Manae and Miyu in amazing Kimono/Yukata. This was really appreciated by us. We showed our Japanese friends how a "Swedish" campfire is. We had many nice meals together.

Now I hope and pray that one day, in the near future, we can take a group of Swedes to Japan. That we can continue to build on the relationship we have started. Please pray for it with you.

I am so grateful to God for helping us so that we were able to meet in Sweden. When you start planning, it's easy to start thinking about whether it's possible to do what you want, but God has been so good and he has helped us. He has really been with us all the time and you could really see God's care and the love of God during these days.

"Give thanks with a grateful heart

Give thanks to the Holy One
Give thanks because He's given Jesus Christ, His Son"

God bless you!


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